Saturday, January 18, 2020

Leadership Impact Essay

This research paper is written on the Leadership styles and the impact they have on the workforce. My information is based on my direct observation while being employed in the U. S. Air Force. My paper will analyze Leadership styles by using two concepts from Robbins and Judge (2009). The two concepts I have chosen are Leader Behaviors (p. 397) and Vision Statement (p. 415). Leadership Behaviors Being in the military for the past nine years has giving me an opportunity to see many different leadership behaviors. Four leadership behaviors Robbins and Judge (2009) defined are directive, supportive, participative, and achievement-oriented leaders (p. 397). The directive leader defines what is expected of the worker and schedules the work (p. 397). I feel that most people start off in with this leadership behavior until they grow as a leader. The supportive leader is concerned with the needs of their followers and interacts with them (p. 397). I have worked with many leaders that have used this behavior and it make them a popular leader, but can make it hard for them to get work done by some of their followers. I have seen were the workers take advantage of a leader because they feel more like a friend and not a boss. The participative leader takes the input of the follower and uses them before making a decision (p. 397). The Air Force leadership does use this behavior by using a yearly climate survey. The last leader behavior is the achievement-oriented leader. I feel that for the most part the behavior is the hardest to work for. This leadership style does not show much concern for the followers and does not take in their input. The leader is goal orientated and expects the followers to perform at their best to meet the goals (p. 97). Vision Statement A vision statement is a tool that leadership can use to tell why the organization exists (Kaplan & Norton, 2008). Most military units have a vision statement to motivate its members. My unit’s statement is Safety first, By the book, Then on time. Our vision statement put the safety of the workers first and the sets the attitude of how the work is to be done. Robbins and Judge (2009) state that a vision should be value centered (p. 415) and all the military units I have worked for have had a vision statement that puts it people first. I feel it can make it easier to work for someone if they value you. Conclusion Leaders may use any of the behavior styles talk about in the paper. Charismatic leaders will try to set a goal and good work environment for their workers (Fischer). The leaders of an organization will have to ensure they use the right behavior to motivate its workers. In Psalm 28:11 David asks to be taught the Lords way and be lead in a straight path. I think this is how a lot of employees feel and it is the job of the leaders to ensure they know what path the organization is going.

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