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Social Truth Domestic Violence Abuse - 860 Words

Perceived Social Truth - Domestic Violence-Abuse The topic I have chosen is domestic violence/ abuse. Domestic violence is violence or aggressive behavior within the home, involving a partner or spouse. Society perceives that if someone mainly a women is in a bad relationship it should be easy to leave. Its not easy, I have witnessed it first hand. Many people think that abuse has to include being violent or physical with one another, but not always, abuse can be verbal, mental, sexual, and even emotional. Fact of the matter is over the years I have heard many people voice there opinion about what they would do if they were involved in an abusive relationship. Stating there is no way they could be in a relationship that causes pain and fear. Until someone is faced with the situation they can not state what actions they would precede to make. Growing up I was always educated by strong powerful women. Women who could stand on there own two feet and not need a man to be there provider. Many times I my family and I have communicated about domestic violence and abuse. Never allow yourself to become a mans punching bag, never be afraid to leave because its always something out there in the world that’s better then what you have. Previously, while sitting at the beauty polar I overheard women gossiping about others relationship and etc.. Its Crazy how women belittled each other by making statements like girl you stupid for staying with a man that beat you girl you aint asShow MoreRelatedThe Relationship Between Gender and Domestic Violence1010 Words   |  5 PagesGender and Domestic Violence Summary: This article discusses the relationship between gender and domestic violence. For many reasons, people commonly believe that domestic violence is more likely equal to wife abuse or woman abuse. But this prejudice is erroneous. On the one hand, because of the definition of domestic violence including dating or cohabitation and modern research finds that husbands as well as wives may be victims, domestic violence is not more likely equal to wife abuse. On the otherRead MoreThe Occurrence of Domestic Violence in the Gay and Lesbian Communities1440 Words   |  6 PagesDomestic violence, also referred to as intimate partner violence, intimate partner abuse or domestic abuse, affects over one million people in the United States alone. It can be carried out in any number of ways including physically, emotionally, sexually, psychologically and/or financially. Its legal definition considers it to be â€Å"any assault, battery, sexual assault, sexual battery, or any criminal offen se resulting in physically injury or death of one family member or household member by anotherRead MoreCrazy Love Essay example1027 Words   |  5 PagesRyan Heinlein Instructor: Eileen S. Chanza Torres English 101 27 November 2012 A Crazy Love Story Domestic violence in today’s society has become common and normalized in the United States. When people think of domestic violence, they go straight for physical violence against women. But according to â€Å";† Domestic violence and emotional abuse are behaviors used by one person in a relationship to control the other. Partners may be married or not married; heterosexual, gay,Read MoreDomestic violence INTRODUCTION is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual1200 Words   |  5 PagesDomestic violence INTRODUCTION is the willful intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault and/or other abusive behavior perpetuated by an intimate partner against another. National coalition Against Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence Facts ( Domestic violence is also referred to as intimate partner violence (IPV), Spousal abuse, and Family violence and dating abuse. It occurs all over the world, cutting across all cadres of the societyRead MorePsychological Effects of Child Abuse Essay1237 Words   |  5 Pages Due to the rise of domestic violence in many families, psychologists are helping affected children cope and confront their emotional imprisonment by using various methods. Over the years, there has been a drastic increase in domestic violence cases. In many instances, the children are most affected in the involvement of the violent disputes. Psychologists study the behaviors of affected children and develop a plan of treatment that aim towards the child’s overall health. Psychologists provide theRead MoreChild Abuse And Its Effects On Children913 Words   |  4 Pagesliving individual. There are several types of abuse, there’s physical, emotional, verbal and several others abuses. But the abuse I would like to focus on is child abuse. Domestic violence towards children is important because there is a way to prevent it from happening. Typical parents and caregivers do not intend to abuse their children. Abuse is mainly directed toward the behaviors that are given off towards one another. Author David Gil defines child abuse as an occurrence where a caretaker injuresRead MoreDomestic Violence: A Cause of Homelessness in Women Essay970 Words   |  4 Pagesstatement is typical of what a battered woman knows to be the only truth in her household. Domestic violence is greatly on the rise and is one of the leading causes of homelessness among women in todays society. Rather than approach domestic violence as a direct cause of homelessness, one might hope to understand how such violence could help create the circumstances that might make a woman more susceptible to homelessness. Domestic violence and poverty may intersect with other issues to produce theRead MoreThe Truth And Reconciliation Commission From South Africa1358 Words   |  6 PagesThe degree of success achieved by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) in South Africa is a topic of great debate. Following the end of apartheid in 1994, the TRC came into operation in South Africa on the 19th of July 1995 (Stanley 2001). After an era of repression and human rights abuses there was a significant need for a form of transitional justice that not only addressed the torment endured by much of the population but also ensured that the structural inequalities of the past wereRead MoreDomestic Abuse And Domestic Violence Essay1365 Words   |  6 Pages3 million incidents of domest ic violence. That means that every nine seconds a women is beaten by her domestic partner† (Findeley). There are many women that stay silent when being abuse by their partners. The consequences of staying quiet when obtaining abuse can be dangerous and can also lead to death. Many women do not recognize the importance of the fact that there is in speaking out if they are being abuse by their partner. No woman should take domestic abuse by their partners. Every womanRead More Domestic Violence in Society Essay1058 Words   |  5 Pages The Womens Aid federation defines domestic violence as the physical, psychological, sexual or financial violence that takes place within a family type or an intimate relationship, and forms a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviour. It may involve partners, ex-partners or other relatives. Though the more common view of domestic violence is that it is the behaviour of some disturbed sick individuals. However sociologists have questioned this, saying that

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Definition Of Aps ( Comprehension ) - 1825 Words

APS 1 Definition of APS (comprehension): An effective teacher must constantly be thinking about long range goals for their learners. Their lessons should be implemented with a future follow up lesson in mind. Lessons should build off of each previous lesson to help the students learn sequentially. In order for a teacher to teach effectively, she must create lessons that aid in student success. Instruction should be developmentally appropriate for the particular grade level being taught. The objectives should be active and describe exactly what a learner should be doing and should learn from the lesson. The objectives should foster student centered learning and be connected with lessons that have already been implemented. These lessons†¦show more content†¦The objectives also specify what the learners need to do. Bloom’s Taxonomy provides more complex understanding through the levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. The teacher’s next step is to implement a plan of instruction to convey content and skills the learner needs to master. The teacher should also reflect on ways to differentiate instruction based on the needs of individual learners in the class including specific tendencies, strengths, and weaknesses. The materials and use of technology should be thoughtfully prepared and written out to help keep a flow of the instruction. A prepared teacher is a positive influence on learners and demands high expectations of his/her learners. The lesson should also provide performance opportunities for the learners which provides a prime environment for the teacher to formatively assess the learners on their progress thus far. This constant check through formative assessment provide data which inform future lessons. Relationship Between Artifact and APS (analysis level): I chose my sixth grade English lesson plan on context clues as my artifact. It is an appropriate artifact for APS 2 because, (finish this statement). Before, I started to write this lesson I had to look at the standards and find the purpose of my

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The Health Care System in US Overview and Challenges

The Health Care System U.S. World Complex Name Institutional Affiliation Date: The Health Care System U.S. World Complex 1. From the video, assess how regulations in the U.S. impact the claims and facts presented in this video. Hypothesize where you think the biggest opportunity will be for pharmaceutical companies. After watching the video, I have realized that intellectual rights protection is based on the foundation of RD investment, which are also the building blocks of the pharmaceutical industry. There is adequate evidence to proof that intellectual rights in the form of trademarks and patents are very significant in the pharmaceutical industry as is compared to any other industry. This may be caused by the fact that copyrights on prescription drugs are a better effective measure for increasing the limitation costs than copyrights on other commodities. The value of copyright protection relies on the duration of exclusivity. Although the lifespan of copyrights is predetermined by international treaty at 20 years from the filing of the copyright application, the actual period between gaining market approval and patenting, the significance of the copyright is much less than 20 years. Evidently, both the EU and the U.S. enacted special provisions legislative, which extended the pharmaceuticals patents life. As is the case with America, the Waxman-Hatch Act increased the copyright protection based on name-brand drugs with up to five years, but still it also putsShow MoreRelatedOverview Of Palliative Care Services1588 Words   |  7 Pageshead: OVERVIEW OF PALLIATIVE CARE SERVICES IN CANADA 1 Overview of Palliative Care Services in Canada Jamie Organ Student Number: 0567596 Professor: Ms. J. Bertoni Lakehead University GERO 2010: Introduction to Palliative Care October 23rd 2015 OVERVIEW OF PALLIATIVE CARE SERVICES IN CANADA 2 Overview of PalliativeRead MoreThe Disaster Of Hurricane Katrina1206 Words   |  5 Pagesthousands of people, with a total of 1,883 fatalities (Hurricane Katrina Statistics Fast Facts, 2015). Hurricane Katrina left many homeless and hospitals unprepared for the challenges posed to the healthcare system as a whole. Some of these challenges included gaining access to healthcare facilities, providing expedited care to those most in need, and preventing spread of disease that commonly occurs during natural disasters. Many facilities did not evacuate in time and many were left stranded inRead MoreDefinitions And Classification Of The American Nurses Association Essay1172 Words   |  5 Pagesby all nurses, to describe care† (p. 1 2). The American Nurses Association (ANA) has 13 recognized standardized nursing terminologies that support nursing practice. The following are the terminologies and the year they were recognized. 1. NANDA-I: nursing diagnosis, definitions and classification : 1992 2. Nursing intervention classification system (NIC) : 1992 3. Clinical care classification system (CCC) formerly home health care classification system (HHCC) : Read MoreAn Overview Of Modern Health Management System1658 Words   |  7 PagesAn Overview of Ubiquitous Health Management System ABSTRACT Author Keywords ACM Classification Keywords I. INTRODUCTION Due to recent advancement in mobile technologies, high-capacity wireless network, sensor system, and wearable technology ubiquitous computing system is no longer a possibility, it is now reality. Ubiquitous computing deals with the idea how we can improve our quality of life by incorporating or interacting with technology in our everyday life. Health care is an ideal applicationRead MoreA Brief Note On The United Kingdom ( Uk ) Essay1134 Words   |  5 PagesOverview of the Healthcare System in the United Kingdom (UK) With over 65 million inhabitants, the United Kingdom (UK) is the 21st most populated country in the world, behind China, India and the US as the top three ranked countries in terms of population (Worldometers, 2016). However, its healthcare system is ranked as 5th worldwide (GBD2015 SDG Collaborators, 2016). The UK health system is financed primarily via general taxation. The system is lauded for providing universal coverage of all peopleRead MoreThe Human Immunodeficiency Virus ( Hiv ) And Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease ( Aids )1366 Words   |  6 PagesIntroduction Over the last three decades, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease (AIDS) epidemic has been a public health concern in the United States (US) and globally. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC], (2015d) estimates that in the US, over 1.2 million people are living with HIV, of which 12.8% are unaware of their diagnosis. Due to exceptional medical advances in treatment and prevention strategies, a healthier quality of life and longevityRead MoreClinical Decision Support For Best Practice1096 Words   |  5 Pages6450 Decision Support in Health Care Executive Summary An interview with an Assistant Professor at Duke University Health System in the Department of Medicine, Maestro Care Provider Champion and Clinical Content Architect. This physician works to incorporate clinical decision support tools into the electronic health record at Duke Health System. He manages the best practice advisory committee that may provide a way to deploy alerts to clinicians at the point of care. Alerts with order setsRead MoreHiv Prevention Among The Usa1285 Words   |  6 PagesPROBLEM Human immunodeficiency virus better known as HIV, is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system. The virus specifically attacks the CD4 cells (T cells), which helps the immune system fight off infections. Overtime, HIV can destroy so many of these cells that body can’t fight off infections and diseases. HIV cannot be cured but it can be controlled with proper treatment and medical care (â€Å"What is HIV/AIDS?†). According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, African AmericansRead MoreThe Benefits Of Telehealth For Personal Healthcare Service1444 Words   |  6 Pagesfields from a military use to a personal healthcare system. Moreover, the development of communication technology, integrated circuit (IC), and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), wearable technology provides easy accessibility and opens new application regime, such as Internet of things (IoT). In order to maximise the capability of telehealth system, researchers in various field s including computer science, medical science, and communication systems have collaborated cite{chakraborty2013review}. AlthoughRead MoreBismarck Model And Other Universal Health Care1259 Words   |  6 PagesThe United States as compared to Bismarck Model and other universal health care systems is lacking control and so fragmented especially to other nations. Bismarck Model or as stated in the text book â€Å"the insurance model† is known as the oldest health care model (Kovner Knickman, 2011). Although, every employer and employee (payroll deductions) contributes according to income (Kovner Knickman, 2011). Bismarck varies in the â€Å"basic coverage† from one country to another (Kovner Knickman, 2011)

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Personal Narrative My Friends Steriod Use Essays

Personal Narrative: My Friends Steriod Use The media has done an excellent job of creating the ideal body type, with a bombardment of images of what we should look like. However the odds of the average person being able to fit this model are very slim indeed. Since 1997 I have been a member of a health facility where I have worked and worked trying to mold myself into that ideal type. It seems that the closer I get the farther away I am from my goal One day one of my close friends and work out partners suggested that we go on a cycle of anabolic steroids to improve our performance in the gym and give ourselves the boost that we were looking for. I immediately dismissed his suggestion thinking that it was just a passing thought.†¦show more content†¦Are they comparable to a smoker who feels that they are not at any real risk of getting lung cancer? Anabolic steroids are the synthetic derivatives of the naturally occurring male anabolic hormone testosterone. This hormone triggers the maturing of the male reproductive system in puberty, including the growth of body hair and the deepening of the voice. The hormones anabolic effect helps the body retain dietary protein, which aids in the development of muscles. When asked others that have taken these drugs claim that they feel almost immediately stronger, and are able to lift the weights that they could not before. The drugs are either taken through injections or orally. My friend decided that the use of needles were the safer method as the damage to the liver was more serious when taking them in an oral method. While the results were not immediate to the eye, a change in behavior was starting to show. The average adult male, who lifts weights on a regular basis is able to put on 5 pounds per year of lean muscle mass. My friend had this number doubled within the first month. His next cycle was of a drug known as REVORVIT B. The label was written in Mexican and had a small picture of a pig on the front. The only English writing on the label read â€Å"Not Intended for animals that will be used for Human Consumption.† I remember when showed this I had concern for my friends well being. What would be the

Toiiiiiiiiiiiwo social psychological theories of aggression Free Essays

Bandura’s Social Learning Theory suggests that acts of aggression are learnt through the observation of role models. His original â€Å"Bobo Doll† study showed that when exposed to aggressive behavior small children copied this behavior, not just by being physically aggressive but even copying the verbally aggressive behavior. However this study focuses on children who are supposed to learn in this manner, this doesn’t demonstrate that this would also be true in older children or adults who already have a set moral compass that would interfere with copying aggressive behaviors. We will write a custom essay sample on Toiiiiiiiiiiiwo social psychological theories of aggression or any similar topic only for you Order Now However Bandura’s later study showed that if children saw someone get punished for aggressive behavior they were less likely to be aggressive themselves when they were allowed to play with the bobo doll but if they saw someone get rewarded for this aggressive behavior then they were much more likely to act aggressively themselves, this shows that vicarious reinforcement is important to the learning of aggression through the social learning theory, as receiving direct positive reinforcement leads to people having high self efficacy making them very likely to repeat the aggressive behaviour that they were rewarded for. In terms of aggression this reward could come in many forms such as acceptance from a violent gang they want to be a part of or just attention from a parent or teacher. Moreover, Walter and Thomas’ study in 1963 further supported this theory as the results of the study demonstrated that aggressive behavior was a result of imitation of role models. However, the social learning theory does not explain what triggers aggression. Additionally, the study emphasizes nurture and learning through observation – ignoring nature and biological explanations. On the other hand, Zimbardo’s theory of Deindividuation suggests that aggressive behavior occurs in groups as a person’s normal constraints become weakened when they are part of a group as they take of the identity of the crowd as they feel that when part of a group their own actions are no longer bad making aggressive behaviour easier as they do not seem it as themselves carrying out the aggressive behaviour but the group as a whole as they become faceless, just part of the group not an individual. Commonly members of violent or aggressive groups have a reduced private self  awareness as they have some kind of tie to the rest of the group that makes them become a faceless member of the crowd, examples of this are common items of clothing in gangs and at football matches as supporters wear the same clothing and are all sat together. Zimbardo formed this theory around his Stanford Prison experiment where when the guards were giving a common uniform they became much more aggressive in their behaviour towards the prisoners as they became â€Å"guards† so felt that as a guard behaviour they would normally not see as acceptable suddenly became the appropriate response to their own frustrations. However in contrast with this the prisoners were all deindividuated but apart from one small failed act of rebellion they did not become aggressive, in fact they became more obedient and passive, this suggests the Deindividuation of an individual as part of a group only leads to aggressive behaviour if aggression is what is expected of the group such as violence being the expected behaviour from teenage gangs. Like Bandura’s Social Learning Theory, this doesn’t explain what causes aggression but this does suggest that in some causes individuals themselves do not feel any kind of cue for the aggression they demonstrate but act in that way because the rest of the group does explaining how large scale acts of aggression can commonly occur as it could only require a small number of people to actually have a cue such as frustration to trigger the aggressive behaviour. How to cite Toiiiiiiiiiiiwo social psychological theories of aggression, Papers

East moors by Gillian Clarke Essay Example For Students

East moors by Gillian Clarke Essay In R. S Thomas Welsh Landscape, The past/brittle with relics, suggests that the former glories of Wales, like the castles and churches, which showed the strength and power of the country, are now a national disgrace. Restoration is needed and Wales national pride is also disintegrating. This is very successful in the way that it will make every patriotic Welshman strive to rebuild his/her country. The oxymoron, Vibrant with sped arrows shows that Wales past is full of strife and this past, although exhausted, is still with us. This is also effective because it will make the Welsh people think of what they are meant to be doing to help with the upkeep of the country which so many people have fought and died for. To me, possibly the most effective piece of imagery from Welsh Landscape is, At the dusk of spilled blood that went to the making of the wild sky, Dyeing the immaculate rivers. This is a very powerful piece of imagery; it really does show the essence of Wales. It tells of the Wales` turbulent past. It shows that all the blood spilled during these epic battles goes to make the wild red sky at night and dies the immaculate rivers. The effect of these wars are permanent and Wales can never get away from them as they are constantly reminded when they look at the untamed night sky and flawless flowing rivers. Two other effective pieces of imagery that I particularly liked was when he spoke of shadows Hushed at the fields` corners this suggests that the mysterious/sinister shadows that are Wales past are kept inside the fields and are no longer seen as a threat to Wales` future. Also Sham ghosts. Here, I believe that R. S Thomas is implying that Wales is a country filled with fake ghosts of the past, ghosts that are not real and again I believe that Thomas is trying to say that Wales is a country still harbouring its thunderous past, holding on to things that are no longer there. The structures of both poems are very similar. The structure of Welsh landscape is enjambment. This is when one line flows into another. Soft vowel sounds are used to give the poem a powerfully Welsh feel. R. S Thomas uses the oxymoron of soft consonants when referring to the Welsh language and the strong Welsh need for it to be preserved, like the history has been. East Moors is structured with a touch of ballad, it has formal verses and firm endings to the stanzas. Gillian Clarke said she wanted a poem with stanzas of the same length because she felt that it is a kind of song. She has very much achieved this with her poem, because, not only is it like a song, it has strong, authoritative endings to each stanza. The structure of both poems adds to their impact and makes them even more effective. Its been enjoyable reading both poems and learning about the backgrounds of both poets Gillian Clarke and R. S Thomas. My personal favourite poem was R. S Thomas Welsh Landscape because I agree with it entirely, I believe that Wales is indeed a great nation in danger of losing everything that it has going for it, if they dont do something about it fast, and Thomas sums this up well in the last line when he says that the Welsh people are worrying the carcase of an old song. This illustrates that they are still hanging on to their reputation of being the land of song, and it seems almost unsettling to him. Thats why I personally preferred R. S Thomas Welsh Landscape over Gillian Clarkes East Moors.

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Legal, Cultural, and Ethical Challenges Paper free essay sample

As the United States economy waxes and wanes, commerce in the workplace changes to create new ideas for more and better sales. Global outreach for company expansion has taken the new economic conditions by storm for the consumer and American corporations. Company core values are built on the foundation of ones ideas and broadcast through marketing of the mission statements. Aligning a mission statement to create sales and a good public image can be even harder. The Lowes vision is: We will provide customer-valued solutions with the best prices, products and services to make Lowes the first choice for home improvement. This statement for retail sales establishes the basic thought of retail sales. The focus of this paper will be to discuss the legal, cultural, and ethical environment and how it relates to the Canadian and Mexican expansion of the corporate giant Lowe’s. I was taught the difference between right and wrong and found that growing up in a large family meant nothing is fair. My children are not allowed to use the term â€Å"not fair†. They must determine if the situation is right or wrong based on their own values. As the foundation of my personal beliefs, right and wrong is subjective and part of the decision making process. Working for Lowe’s, it is not in my current job description to determine what is right and wrong. We have to mold our decisions around the values established by the company we work for. Within the guidelines of an organization, employees must find new ways to creatively use the establishment or the foundation already in place and set new standards in sales and service. Lowe’s has created a working model for success that aligns itself with modern day global business practices. Through expansion to both Canada and Mexico, Lowe’s has proven the Building Blocks for Success has bridged any cultural and ethical complications. Business practices designed for practical application here in The United States have crossed land barriers, water barriers, and language barriers. Honesty, dignity, elf-respect, and respect for life and other people, combined with trust and trustworthiness are several values that guide management decisions. They are also the tools that Lowe’s expects employees to use when making sales and business decisions on behalf of the organization. Almost all decision can be justified when using these values as determining factors. It is clear that the United States protects consumers and businesses through government regulations and common practices. Creating a Corporate structure allows common practices throughout an organization, even when that organization crosses international borders. The research can be intense but the rewards for proper legal practices of an organization will ensure success when conducting commerce in foreign lands. Lowes values its reputation for complying with applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations in the conduct of its business. Therefore, every Employee, while acting on behalf of the company, shall comply with all applicable domestic or foreign governmental laws, rules and regulations, and should avoid engaging in any conduct that, even though legally permissible, is inconsistent with the ethical principles to which Lowes subscribes. This policy is created through legal departments established for creation of global business and expansion. The globalization process simply expanded store sales. Imports and exports are created every day to ensure the least amount of expenses towards the cost of doing business. As business practices continue to change the foundations remain the same globally. This principle means that businesses involved in exporting and importing goods and services can expand beyond their own countries borders for distribution of services. Purchasing agents employed by the Lowe’s team specialize in finding the goods and services necessary to support local economic conditions. These goods and services not only assist the local economy, but also support the profits needed to continued success. As with any company expansion into a foreign country, the largest challenge for Lowe’s will be the impact on the local economy. The basic question of acceptance by the community will determine future sales. Any time a large retailer shows up there is a chance of lack of community support through loss of local businesses. Lowe’s creates competition for small companies but can also create guaranteed sales for the local companies that want to participate in the corporate successes. Lowe’s has created locally owned companies to assist in marketing and sales of products offered through the retail store. One of the biggest services Lowe’s offers the local economy is the cash flow and purchasing power necessary to finance local change. Most governments will welcome large corporations to the economy simply to assist in creating better trades and services. As mentioned before, Lowe’s creates sales through cash flow into the local economy. These sales generate taxes and increase property values and can help stabilize local markets. The number of legal, cultural, and ethical variables will increase with continued business. Lowe’s has the purchasing power and corporate backing to leap most hurdles placed in the path to success. Challenges can be overcome using foreign policy established with the local market in mind. Researching the variables presented and creating proactive countermeasures for individual situations will ensure changes necessary for future activity and sales.