Sunday, November 3, 2019

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press Research Paper

Freedom of speech and freedom of the press - Research Paper Example That kind of investigative journalism is correct and appropriate when supported with documents, interviews and other primary sources. However, it has been the scenario that journalist exaggerate such scandals tainting public image of those people involved. There is no proper investigation done or factual accuracy and relevance of the information to the society put into consideration. (Stephens, 2007) Media have epitomized the freedom of the press at the expense of national as well as global security. For example in many cases, media have used terrorism reports to attract audiences. There has been no consideration of the victims of terror attacks but as long as the information hit the headlines. The media have been used to meet the objectives of terrorists such as gaining publicity for their activities, frightening populations and gaining members (Kellner, 2014). In conclusion, use of sensitive or controversial information to attract large audiences has adverse effects to the society by reporting information which only make a considerable story or which can hit the headlines without regard of factual accuracy or social relevance. There is misinterpretation of exaggerated information and diversion of people’s attention from relevant issues of the society to insignificant

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